Restoration of porous paviors

We realise that many new commercial buildings have their car parks laid in porous paviors, discharging into filter drains, leading to a storm cell and hydro break.

In principle this sounds fine, but tenants do not always know how to maintain them. A new client approached us at Prime Four in Kingswells, Aberdeen. The building is only several years old, but during heavy rain the car park becomes a duck pond!  We have since completed 3 car parks at Prime Four with excellent results and happy customers.

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We offered our services as a drain study had not been carried out at hand over, so we had to ascertain the current condition of the system. Beyond the drain clearance and cctv survey we investigated with the design Engineer and the supplier of the paviors what might work to revitalise the car park to avoid a total rip up.

A trial area of 24 parking spaces was undertaken where high pressure lancing deep into the joints was carried out to remove the material clogging, together with a road sweeper to tidy up the mess! The joints were then refilled with aggregate to allow free flow to the filter drains.

No ponding has since been reported at any of the car parks where our tried and tested methodology has been carried out.