Pipe Doctor no dig patch repairs

Since 2014, Drainflow have been offering a no-dig solution to repair damaged drains and sewers.

Based on our cctv report, we can advise as to whether patch lining is a suitable option to repair cracks, fractures, infiltration, root ingress and damaged PVC pipework.
The drain is pre-cleaned using H.P water jetting techniques and the damage to the pipe is accurately ascertained using our cctv system. A resin impregnated reinforced fibre glass mat is inserted into the drainage system using air rods, attached to a rubber packer which is then inflated to the correct pressure. 
After approximately 2 hours, the packer is deflated and the resin patch is then bonded to the existing pipe wall. 
We can also carry out rapid set patch repairs (subject to suitability and distance from manhole) which reduces the curing time down to around 30 minutes.

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​Benefits of Patch repairs are significant savings over traditional excavation, especially where re-surfacing or concreting may be necessary to re-instate traditional excavations.
We have now carried out over 400 successful repairs in both the Construction and Oil Sector in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands.