High pressure water jetting

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High Pressure Water Jetting

Now commonly used to clear blocked drains and to pre-clean drains and sewers for maintenance or prior to inspection. Drainflow own units suitable for cleaning pipework from 100mm to 375mm diameter. Operatives are trained and certified in the safe use of this equipment. Most drainage contractors employ this equipment but it has to be managed effectively to avoid potential pollution and safety incidents. 

​H.P. jetting and drain cleaning achieves:

  • Removal of debris and fat deposits from drains and sewers.
  • Unblocking drains or sewers.
  • Removal of debris from slotted car park drains.
  • Removal of debris from car park gullies.
  • Cleaning of surfaces i.e. lock block, brick, tar etc.
  • Maintenance to ensure down time in your working environment is kept to a minimum.
  • Using our water driven cutting tool, tree roots can be cut back within the drainage system.