Drainflow Business Update

As a small business, the uncertainty of what we were coming back to following lockdown 1 was a huge worry to us.  We still only take one day at a time, but are delighted that the business continues to go from strength to strength with our long standing employees (Norman and Peter) being at the core of the success and progression of the business.  Charlie (although he can not travel to Spain due to current restrictions just now) is down to 1 day a week and will soon (hopefully) get the semi-retirement he has longed for.  He still remains an integral part of Drainflow and will do for a few more years to come!

We recently completed a large project for MTM Construction at an Industrial Estate in Aberdeen where excellent project management, planning and communication between both parties were critical for the job to go successfully.  Manholes were very deep (some over 7m) and we had some challenges to work around however despite this, our experienced operatives rose to the challenge and completed the works to our required high standards.

We recently upgraded a camera system in one of the vans so both vans now support and operate minicam proteus systems.  We hope this will ultimately allow for seamless integration and continuity going forward!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal clients for continuing to support us during these uncertain times.