CCTV inspection

Drain inspection today has become second nature for Contractors, Engineers and Architects to specify checking either new or existing systems.

Many drainage contractor's do this work to various levels of quality, accuracy and standard.  Drainflow operate 2 CCTV units, with both our vans kitted out with the high quality Mini-Cam Proteus to record simultaneously both the footage and the full structural report in digital format. Both our push camera and tractorised systems link through this technology.

All cameras have built in sondes which allows for sonar drain tracing to take place to accurately locate the position of the camera or a defect found at the time of survey.

We also operate a battery powered system which records to a USB or internal hard drive to enable surveys to be undertaken from remote locations and is integrated within Wincan VX.  Wincan VX is the updated platform recognised worldwide as a leading software for sewer and drainage reporting.

This saves valuable client time in analysis of the report with major defects very easily located within the report.

Drainflow verify all reports back in the office to ensure accurate coding and interpretation of any defects found within the survey.

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Drain survey Aberdeen
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We then try to provide solutions to these problems in a professional manner with free, ongoing technical advice and recommendations. Our Autocad mapping service, ideal to assist in achieving ISO14001, allows for a complete site drainage system to be overlaid on to a topographical survey (which we can supply) providing accurate information which can be archived and updated when any changes are made on the site.

Our clients are now benefiting from our Company being at the leading edge of technology and providing a total service which reduces their time and involvement in the project.

We are also very competitive within our industry as we keep our overheads low and offer a very personal service.